Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cherry Blossoms ♥

While struggling to forget him, he came into my life right on time. Since the moment I first laid my eyes on you the pain from my past slowly melted away, when I close my eyes I can feel your warm tender touch it's almost like a dream come true. Every time I went online, the first thing I checked was if he is online or not. HAHA :P I got so happy with a little things he said, and now I'm starting to wake up early. Simply put, I just love him. His eyes, his lips, his smile, his face. Just everything about him.

My fav. lines of the day

- Nik


bye2....mate 4..

- Amirul

sipot no babi

Yesterday, my family and Kak Farah's family were picnic near the beach. Too much fun!
I went to see cherry blossoms today and dang it! Cherry blossoms almost gone! Luckily there's still some. ♥ Too many pictures were taken and while doing the jump, my tummy were shown!

Too many good things happened to me nowadays! ♥

Not looking forward on next week:

- D.T test.
- English letters.
- Math big test.
- Science lab.
- Humanities test.

Wish me luck!

- Till then - ☺

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